hamsterlib follows the semantic versioning scheme. Each release is packaged and uploaded to pypi. We provide a compliant which contains all the meta information relevant to users of hamsterlib. If you stumble upon any incompatibilities or dependency issue please let us know. If you are interested in packaging hamsterlib for your preferred distribution or in some other context we would love to hear from you!

About requirements/*.txt

We do fully follow Donald Stuffts argument that information given is of fundamentally different nature than what may be located under requirements.txt (Additional comments can be found in the packaging guide and with Hynek Schlawack). As far as packaging goes is authoritative. We provide a set of specific environments under requirements/* that mainly developers and 3rd parties may find useful. This way we can easily enable contributers to get a suitable virtualenv running or specify our test environment in one central location. If for example you wanted to package hamsterlib for debian-stable, it would be mighty convenient to just provide another requirements.txt with all the relevant dependencies pinned to what your target distro would provide. Now you can run the entire test suit against a reliable representation of said target system.